This was a pretty simple shoot we did back on 2011 for a Vita Coco spot. Because the client didn’t have the budget to fly us all down to the Caribbean unfortunately, we had to bring the beach to American Movie Company on West Broadway in Manhattan. We shot the model against a greenscreen and matted in a still shot of a beach setting. We input two separate sources into a two channel monitor; the first source was the camera shooting the model (the Sony Fs700, I believe) and the 2nd was an iPad which had the photo. We chalked out the model’s outline on the monitor, switching back and forth between sources on the monitor to insure that our focal length and perspective on the model matched the focal length and perspective of the still shot of the beach. We took some test shots, I input the test footage and the beach background plate into After Effects, did a quick key to make sure we had it right, and we were off and running.

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