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In this episode of This Is What We Do, a weekly podcast in which I participate as guest host, I acquire the superhero alter ego “Online Gangsta,” and I do battle with super villain (and primary host and Podcast Juice founder) Michael Dean over such topics as:

1) Michael Jordan’s statement on Donald Sterling, which was delivered apparently after weighing all his options (as opposed to standing up for what’s right when immediately asked for his opinion)

2) The announcement that Zack Snyder will be directing a Justice League movie, possibly back to back with Man Of Steel 2. I hypothesize that Henry Cavill is pissed because the contract he signed to appear as Superman in the franchise most likely did NOT stipulate that he would be sharing the screen with a bunch of haphazardly conceived additional superhero appearances.

Then after all the electric bolts are thrown and webs are slung, we join together in a chorus of Kumbayah and review the Amazing Spider-Man 2, the new single from Michael Jackson, and the new Star Wars cast.

It’s a hot one, folks! Click here, check out the show, leave your comments and come back next Saturday for more!

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