"OK, you scowl, I'll frown". "But Dad, I wanted to frown!" "OK, OK! You frown, I'LL scowl! Satisfied?"

“OK, you scowl, I’ll frown.” “But Dad, I wanted to frown!”
“OK, OK! You frown, I’LL scowl! Satisfied? I tell ya, kids today!”

Although I haven’t seen After Earth, Michael Dean invited me on Geeked Out to give my impressions. Which I did. I will say two things first: 1) Is that Will Smith on the right? Too much Photoshop is a bad thing, and 2) It’s not good marketing to have both your stars on the marquee looking like THEY’RE miserable for signing up to be in this movie.


GEEKED OUT: After Earth Review

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