Drive-By Shooting


Arc at night*

A brief history of the Arc de Triomphe as we visit this grand monument, walking along the world famous Champs-Elysee, dinner at a 4 star restaurant, and the Arc at night.

Announcing A DRIVE-BY SHOOTING CONTEST!! In honor of American Express, which got me through Paris and London (as I mention in the clip), watch Part 3 and answer these three questions to win a $10 AMEX gift card!

1) What event in France’s history coincides with my son’s birthday?

2) The Champs-Elysee is located in which Parisian district?

3) What victory led to the commissioning of the Arc de Triomphe (no disqualifications for misspelling as long as it’s phonetically correct).

First person to leave the correct answers in the blog comments wins! Subscribe to DRIVE-BY SHOOTING on You Tube for more chances to win!


Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 9.27.00 PMBonjour! C’est Qstorm et j’espère que tout ça va! August 2014, my wife and I took a vacation, the first one without children since 2007 and we flew to Paris and London. I brought along four cameras–five if you include the GoPro, which led to a run-in with airport security in Paris!

In this clip, I reminisce about my previous trips to Paris while preparing to travel there once again. If you’re planning a trip overseas, maybe you’ll pick up a few tips or things to think about. But my hope is to give you an experience as though you are there. Enjoy!