So here's to you, Mr. Robinson.

So here’s to you, Mr. Robinson.

I would recommend this movie as it’s not a BAD film, but it could’ve been much better. Good performances all around, particularly from Nicole Beharie (also seen in Shame with Michael Fassbender), Harrison Ford as the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers and a really ugly but riveting performance by Alan Tudyk as a racist manager of the Phillies. The main problem with the movie is, even though the producers chose to focus on a specific period in Jackie Robinson’s life, when he first broke the baseball color barrier, he doesn’t come across as a three dimensional character, yet everyone around him does. Jackie Robinson is portrayed only as an icon, as opposed to a person who becomes an icon. The movie Ray did it right; I felt like I was watching a character who was a person first, warts and all, who became a legend despite that. But again, it’s worth seeing. 3/5 stars

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